Entry #5

Newgrounds in a nutshell

2014-03-03 09:23:27 by mait192

So I got scouted... Again... I try to not fuck it up this time.

I shall thank good guy Cethic for that (http://cethic.newgrounds.com/art)

Edit (05.03.2014) umm they took Cethic down, so the scouting "tree" fell apart with also me in it, I don't know if he was removed because of scouting me idk...

Edit (06.03.2014) aaand I'm scooted again which is cool, this time by Robmon (http://robmon.newgrounds.com/) who is making cool stuff aswell.

Edit (16.03.2014) unscouted, I don't even care now...

Edit (14.04.2014) Scooted again, this time by cool guy TrojanMan87(http://trojanman87.newgrounds.com/) who has lot goin on, go look his stuff


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2014-03-03 09:34:40

Scout brathers! >v<


2014-03-05 11:17:08

I really doubt it's because they scouted you.

Most likely thing that happened is they accidentally scouted an art thief without checking to see if they were legit. If the person has up 4+ pictures (enough to get scouted obviously) but the art styles are way different, best to do a reverse image search to make sure they made the art.

Hopefully you'll be scouted again soon, your art is pretty good.

mait192 responds:



2015-06-23 20:21:23

Dude im so sorry the person that scouted me fucking dropped me so domino effect sorry again it wasnt because of you it was the one that scouted me was using multiple accounts I was discusted when I found out sorry dude.